Visualization Assets Libraries

Assets Included in the installation


Assets Included in the installation

VividGraph comes with 4 Asset Libraries which are available for all artists. Browse the selection included below.
These libraries contain the basic needs for users to begin working and creating in VividGraph straight away.
Every Asset library contain 4 groups of resources:
       - Backgraonds;
       - HDRI;
       - Materials;
       - Textures;

As a second level of organization, each group is organized under categories.
An example or a group being, Materials, which is organized into categories like:
       - Grounds;
       - Metals;
       - Plastic;

The Asset Library included in the installation is the existence minimum required for a smooth workflow when using VividGraph.
The use of these assets does not require any additional steps as it downloads directly with the software.

for more information in regards of Asset libraries please see more info

  • here VividGraph Asset Libraries
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