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Assets Libraries

Asset Libraries are collections of different sets of resources, such as:
       - Backgrounds
       - HDRIs
       - Materials
       - Textures

These Asset Libraries can be created by VividRealm Inc. or by VividGraph users to use in the VividGraph software.
Libraries created by VividRealm Inc. are:
       - Included in the VividGraph installation package;
       - Provided for free download on the VividGraph website - Essemtials 1,Essemtials 2,Essemtials 3;
       - Restricted libraries only for VividGraph Members;

VividGraph Asset Libraries are either Essential or Complimentary. Assets from Essential Libraries are also used as a replacement in visualizations that contain restricted resources which the receiving user does not have access to. In the place of the restricted resource artist can place a default Essential Asset.
Any VividGraph artist can create a free Asset Library. Artists use these libraries to organize and use external assets when creating visualizations in VividGraph. The personalization and authoring of Asset Libraries is the key that allows artists to create and retain authorship of visual elements they have created.
VividGraph Members can, in addition, create restricted libraries open to only a particular set of users by encrypting them with the public key of the receiving list of people.

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