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Hi Everyone,
This is the pre-release - Alpha 0.7.8 version of VividGraph Visualization Studio.
The Alpha Version lays out the foundations of the VividGraph software and workflow. We, here at VividRealm, are working everyday to fix bugs and implement features planned for Version 1. A detailed release plan will be posted here at the end of November 2023. Future releases will be labeled using these codes:
     x - Major Release
     y - Minor Release
     z - Patches
The release plan will include a list of all minor versions (1.y) up until Version 2.0. Members and Charter Members will have access to all Minor Releases (1.y ) as well as be provided with Patches (1.y.z )
At the time of the release of Version 1.0.0 - (Endeavour )- the release plan will contain a list of features which will be included until the release of Version 4.0.0. Examples of types of features to included are:
    - Interactive Player
    - Channel Animation
    - Multichannel Animation
    - Interactive Focus Animation
    - Visual Querying
    Heads-Up Displays
Chartered Members will have a chance to vote and determine the sequence and implementation priority of the features included in each release. In addition, Chartered Members will even be able to determine the validity of upcoming features as well as propose different features they would like to be developed.

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