Visualization Aproaches

Software rendering

Software rendering

Rendering and Depth Composing

VividGraph uses a Software Scanline and Ray-tracing Render.
The information for the ray-tracing software can be found here: Yocto/GL
Software rendering may be slower than hardware-accelerated rendering but it also has its own advantages. Those being that the same result can be achieved across every platform and there are no specific hardware, software or driver dependencies. This allows VividGraph to be available to users across all platforms and without the need for any special equipment. VividGraph will be delivered and available for download on any OS; Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android and will deliver the same results on each platform.

Having a combination of both scanline and ray-tracing capabilities allows for users of VividGraph to create visuals composed of different visual mediums without the need for multiple softwares, all in the same 3D space. You can combine ray-traced renderings, with photography, scanlined 3D shaders, etc. to create multi-layered imagery, no limits, just your imagination.

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