Visualization Aproaches

3D,2D Composition


Visual composition.

Assembling Meshes and Visual Structures - Composition is Key

Composition is key in artistic image creation. Everything has a unique structure. VivdGraph allows you to structure your images and projects simply and easily to allow seamless iterations and creativity.

There are multiple levels of organization to organize your compositions from the macro - compositional level to the micro - individual component level.

A project in VividGraph begins with a Concept, the overall structure of your project. Each Concept contains VG Stages where the main work happens. You can load the base libraries that everyone can download from VividGraph, buy libraries from other users or create your own and start building your visualizations.

Within the VG Stages contain the main compositional elements needed to create images, animations, etc. - the Perspectives, Arrangements and Units. You can create your Perspective Cameras and block out your visuals with a big picture approach by arranging Units in your desired composition. Arrangements which are children to the Perspectives allow you to quickly and efficiently create different iterations and options of your Perspectives by linking different Units.

The most detailed level of this organizational structure is the Assemblies. Meshes are arranged in Assemblies which are then linked to the compositional Units laid out for the Perspective view you are working on. Assemblies are reusable and can be cloned. The linked structure of all elements in each VG Étage and Perspective give the VividGraph artist the capability and artistic freedom to work procedurally with nodes and linked elements. You will have endless combinations and possibilities for visual expression.

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