Visualization Aproaches

Animation, Interaction

Interactive content

Animation, Interaction and Visual Querying

VividGraph is designed and implemented to give the users maximal freedom and capability to create images and animations. Each stage of the creation process using this software is laid out to give the most intuitive way of creating and interacting with visual content.

In the current release VividGraph is designed to:

Provide a way to procedurally manipulate all aspects and components in the perspective viewport Animate all aspects of the perspective viewport Allow for visual querying of elements in a visualization Limited features of procedural animation with graphical nodes/properties are currently available in the texturing and material creation sections.

Coming in future versions:

(Procedural manipulation features will be developed further, on a much more integrated level, in coming versions.) Further developments in the animation features are forthcoming in the second version to be released. Enhancements to the visual querying options. VividGraph will be developing its approach to interacting with visuals where users can query in real-time about information and parameters in relation to a particular element. The real-time application for interactive visual querying will be free, multi-platform and available in version 3 of VividGraph.

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