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3D Modeling, Procedual Shaping

Parametric procedual modeling

3D Modeling, Procedural Shaping - The Building Blocks

The building blocks of VividGraph’s 3D Visualization components are the parametric and procedural curves and meshes. These components are created from both editable Beziers, B-splines or Thin Plate Splines as well as standard 3D shapes, such as spheres, cubes, etc.

The parametric curves that form Beziers and B-splines are defined by a set of control points that influence the shape of a curve and, subsequently, the mesh it defines. By varying the control points and the parameter ranges, a wide variety of curves can be created; ranging from straight lines to arcs to complex shapes.

These parametric curves are used as the base of 3D meshes as well as 2D illustration. Their use in 3D modeling provides infinite possibilities for modeling organic shapes such as; jewelry, character and creature modeling or organic architectural designs. In VividGraph, curves like Beziers are also used in the paint graphics. One can use a wide variety of paintbrushes in combination with these parametric curves in order to create painterly effects that can later be animated to bring your 2D illustrations, painting or texturing to life.

The parametric and procedural meshes and curves give anyone using VivdGraph endless opportunity in procedural modeling and animation when working with parametric meshes and shapes to create complex as well as easily editable and animatable assemblies.

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