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Public-Private key certificate

VividGraph Certificate

VividGraph is a visualization platform free for use for everyone. There is no fee for usage.

Any artist who downloads VividGraph are “Fellows”.

Artists can become “Members” for a monthly/yearly membership fee. Members will receive a unique digital certificate from VividRealm Inc.

The VividGraph Digital Certificate will contain Public and Private keys of the VividGraph member as well as additional membership data.

Purpose and Definition of Public-Private Keys for every Member:
Public-Private Key Cryptographic method of encryption that uses a pair of mathematically related keys.
Public Key: The public key is freely shared with others and used to encrypt data. It is commonly used to secure communication or send encrypted messages.
Public Key: The private key is kept secret and known only to the owner. It is used to decrypt the data that has been encrypted with the corresponding public key.
The beauty of this system lies in the fact that data encrypted with a public key can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key, and vice versa. This property ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the encrypted data.

VividGraph uses public-private key certificates for following purposes:

Uniquely identify a VividGraph artist
Digitally sign a VividGraph work

Gives opportunity for artists to creates protected works such as:

Resource Libraries
Perspectives – with related arrangements and assembly collections

Once you configure your VividGraph certificate, you can then sign your work, create your private libraries, etc.

Below you find the quick steps to becoming a member:

Create Profile
Request certificate

saved PDF - Profile form you need to send it to
in 24 hours you will recive your VividGraph certificate.

VividGraph Certificate configured

Once you configure your VividGraph certificate – you can sign your work , create your private libraries etc.